I don’t believe in labelling anyone’s body as a before and after. Fitness is a life long journey!

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“Zora has immensely assisted me in my goal to lose weight by creating a weekly fitness plan (which is reviewed every six weeks) and by assisting me to understand food and nutrition with greater detail. With Zora’s assistance, in total I have lost just under 50 pounds. There is no doubt in my mind that changing my lifestyle would not have been possible without the constant reassuring support Zora provides.”



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“Having Zora as a personal trainer literally changed my life! I had been working out religiously for 2 years previously and felt I was getting nowhere. Zora incorporated  HIIT, TRX, weights and a combination of routines in my training that I would never have thought of. Combined with a healthy eating plan, Zora helped me lose nearly 30lbs in 6 weeks. I have been able to maintain my weight by following everything Zora has taught me. Thank you Zora!”

– Sabrina

Do you want to lose big and win big?


Before working with Zora, Dal was a member of a gym but a complete beginner. She had no idea where to start! Her main goal was to lose weight and feel healthier. She also wanted to feel confident in a swimming costume when she went to Las Vegas for a holiday.

Do You Feel Clueless In The Gym?


Before working with Zora, Lisa had been a member of a gym for a while but couldn’t motivate herself to actually step through the door. Her goal was to tone and shape her body as well as increase her fitness.
She lost 10 pounds!

“Very happy with my results! The exercises were different and interesting and made me work hard! Would definitely recommend if you are thinking of trying personal training. Thank you!”

– Lisa

Do Want A Slimmer Waist & Flatter Tum?


Flat tummy alert!

Jade had previously lost weight while at university. But since joining the work force and starting her own side hustle, she gained back all the weight. (We can relate) She was still regularly exercising but still wasn’t getting the results she craved. After 4 weeks using our Pretty Powerful Fitness System She lost 8 pounds and 9 inches!

Superstars who are excited about their results!

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